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A very nice work! loved the strings

Low frequencies are a bit mess though. I would alter the compression of the low end too

EPIC! Great build dude, nice emotive strings theme and I like the glitchy elements :)

Why thank you! Since I have got Kontakt I have been all about the ‘Orchestral Glitch’, perhaps I will do a Orchestral Dub-step track in the future :)

Fabulous track – well done! :)

Great cinematic! :)

Great work!

I’m almost a beginner. But such pieces would be a goal of mine. Of course not copied but as an inspiration ;) !

I got into this style by making songs in my head along to big Hollywood films. If I remember correctly I had intended this to be a Uni Portfolio piece aimed to be used with one of the Transformers 2 trailers.

Sometimes I stuck at this point while creating an Audio Track. Yesterday I sit in front of my Digital Piano, no VSTs, no Effects, just the piano sound. I play with some nice chord progression. But suddenly I recognized that it sounds similar like a piece from Hans Zimmer. And while playing around this “my little voice” came in my mind and shouted: “You shouldn’t do this!”. In fact I think the final result will not sound similar like the piece, but I broke up to often at this point…

Thanks for your comment! It feels me like “I am not alone” ;) But with this big difference that you use this as an source for inspiration and a goal?

Good work! I like it :)

Very professionally done track. Very good work! :)

Great track! Congrats on the feature my fellow Fisher :)

This is brilliant work Kris. Just outstanding. :)

Very very solid production. Excellent.

nice track, great job.. i thinks a bit muddy in the first part of a track but overall is epic

This is so professionally made, it’s such an epic cinematic tune! :)

Thanks E-Flex, I need to get back to writing the big cinematic/trailer stuff, caught up doing logos/idents atm!

beautiful song , very nice :)

Nice one, I like that intro

For your featured list ;) https://youtu.be/znj85YhQQGE