Epic Uplifting Motivation Cinematic

Epic Uplifting Motivation Cinematic

Epic Adventure Uplifting

This soundtrack is also available in Epic Pack

Powerful, bright, and uplifting epic soundtrack with classical orchestral percussion and inspiring emotional piano. For your awesome projects!

Perfect for:
Video production, movies, trailers, landscapes, cinematic fairy tailes, discovery videos, teasers, video-games and more!

The download package includes 4 versions of the soundtrack:

1) Main version 2:23 (starting at 0:00)

2) Middle version 1:54 (starting at 2:24)

3) Short version 1:25 (starting at 4:19)

4) Loop version 0:19 (starting at 5:48)

If you need something to change or fix or add something, please feel free to contact me, i’ll make it for free!

Have a nice day!

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