The Epic Corporate Kit

The Epic Corporate Kit

Corporate Inspiring Motivation music for awards ceremony and triumphant motivational videos, inspiring and uplifting movies, solemn advertise. Patriotic and bright orchestral music with horns, trumpets, epic percussion and string ensemble. Very powerful and dynamic cinematic music.

This soundtrack will be perfect for action, adventure videos or movies, extreme and tensieve scene like GoPro or any sport video (downhill, skydiving, rope jumping, wingsuit, fly suit, racing). Ideal for beautiful epic moments, landscapes, nature, drone video, panarama, motivational products and achievements.

This versatile beautiful and dramatic music will be relevant to many videos, slideshows, background for photos, ads, video game reviews.

The soundtrack is built in such a way that you can cut and shorten its duration in any of the pauses, and also combine these parts in any order. The cue has strong and clear sync points, so you can know for sure where the picture should change. All this simplifies the life of the video editor.

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:

  • Demo Track 01 1:06
  • Demo Track 02 1:29
  • Demo Track 03 0:52
List of tracks that included of this kit:
  • 02_Intro_1 – 0:07
  • 03_Intro_2 – 0:07
  • 04_Main_Part_1 – 0:07
  • 05_Main_Part_2 – 0:07
  • 06_Climax_1 – 0:07
  • 07_Climax_2 – 0:07
  • 06_Climax_3 – 0:07
  • 07_Climax_4 – 0:07
  • 10_End – 0:04
  • 10_End_Fill – 0:04
these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails

This is original track

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