Energetic Vintage Groove

Energetic Vintage Groove

...for the days when you need to steal a car… A David Holmes-like sounding track, stylistically similar to Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen movies.

Heavy oldskool bass, driven by drums and backed up by funky guitars and keyboards… What else do you need to fill your project with energy? Real instruments used.

Contains 5 versions, standardized to commercial lengths:

  1. The Drive [60s] – 1:04
  2. The Drive – 2:34
  3. The Drive [alternative] – 1:24
  4. The Drive [no break] – 1:47
  5. The Drive [no break and guitar] – 1:47

Ideal for following use:

  • Gameplay video
  • Automotive show
  • Commercial
  • Car chase scene
  • Robbery scene
  • Advertisement
  • Casino scene
  • Trailer
  • Documentary
  • Movie
  • Viral Marketing Campaign

If you have any questions or if track customization is needed – please feel free to contact me via comments section, social networks or directly from profile page!

Thanks for choosing our track!