The Corporate

The Corporate

The Corporate is inspiring, motivational and positive track which perfectly fits for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, successful and business videos, games, applications, popular commercials, visuals and more!
Mood of the song: corporate, uplifting, motivational, upbeat and inspirational.
Instruments used: A lot of guitars, piano, bass, synths, bells, strings and percussion.

Easy editing with full set of loops: This item includes full set of specially prepared loops and it is very easy to edit it in Adobe Premier, Final Cut and any video editing software. Just set your bpm to 105.
You can loop, cut, delete some parts of the song and build it as you want!
You can switch between loops A, B and C as much as you need it – and this will sounds nice and organic.
Or you can use prepared 2:34 version.
Inside the ZIP:

  1. The Corporate (2:34) – full version;
  2. Loop intro (0:08) – intro loop;
  3. Loop A (0:36) – specially prepared main theme loop;
  4. Loop B (0:36) – specially prepared main theme + guitar loop;
  5. Loop C (0:36) – specially prepared main theme + guitar + strings culmination loop;
Both WAV and mp3.
Complete your project with “The Corporate“

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