The Corporate Pack

The Corporate Pack

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The Corporate Pack

This is a corporate, hopeful, positive, inspiring, uplifting, cheerful, calm, background, universal corporate inspiring pack.

It contains 3 tracks:

1. The Inspiring Corporate

This is corporate, actually inspiring, nature, travel, background, emotion, electronic, acoustic, love, uplifting, urban track for your construction, wedding, sensual, background music. I used really acoustic guitar, vintage pads, leads and space bells, Very motivational, promotional, adventure, studio music for your arts.

Included 4 versions:

  • Inspiring corporate full : 02:44
  • Inspiring corporate short: 01:35
  • Inspiring corporate loop1: 00:17
  • Inspiring corporate loop2: 00:17
  • 2. The Uplifting Corporate

    This is travel, acoustic, business, background, sensual, deep, piano, emotion, motivational, inspiring, uplifting track. Only best quality and uniqueness sound. Live acoustic guitar, lave drums and claps. For your trailer, film, video or game.

    Included 3 versions for your convenience

  • Full track – 02:30
  • Short track – 01:30
  • Loop track – 00:15
  • 3. Corporate Motivating

    This is an corporate, refined, captivating, poignant, unique, luxury, beautiful, cute, motivating, catchy, bounce, palm mute, dimensional, positive, soothing track for your advertising, slide shows, millet, presentation, business video. Exclusively for presentation, documentary, ad, promo. Two versions are included in the archive (Wav and Mp3).

    Included 2 versions:

  • 1. Corporate Motivating full – 3:15
  • 2. Corporate Motivating short – 2:08
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