The Apocalypse is Coming

The Apocalypse is Coming

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‘The Apocalypse is Coming’ is an epic, dramatic and slightly disturbing, hybrid orchestral rock track, which comes in 5 forms to tailor for slightly different synchronisation needs:

1. The Apocalypse is Coming (Short Edit – Ending 1) 1:03 (0:00 – 1:02 in preview)

Begins with the main creepy piano theme accompanied by swelling strings, brass, and light percussion. At 0:16 a deep sub boom can be heard, followed by a short pause, before a wall of guitars, brass, strings, drums and bass hit you in the face at 0:20, creating a feeling of impending doom. This sections continues to build until 0:51, when everything comes to a screeching halt. Shortly after this moment, a Hans Zimmer-style brass ‘braaam’ and cinematic boom combo signify the end of the piece [or the world].

2. The Apocalypse is Coming (Ending 1) 1:25 (1:02 – 2:27 in preview)

The original version of the aforementioned track; the heavy section and culmination are the same, but the intro is extended.

3. The Apocalypse is Coming (Short Edit – Ending 2) 1:10 (2:28 – 3:37 in preview)

Exactly the same as track 1., expect with an alternative fade-out ending consisting of the main piano theme, light percussion and a cinematic sub boom.

4. The Apocalypse is Coming (Ending 2) 1:32 (3:38 – 5:09 in preview)

Exactly the same as track 2, expect with the same ending as track 3.

5. The Apocalypse is Coming (Ending 3) 1:32 (5:10 – 6:42 in preview)

Exactly the same as tracks 2. and 4. expect with a minimalistic ending featuring only the main piano theme and a sub boom.

Ideal for: Movie trailers, motion graphics templates, dramatic montages, epic series finale adverts, scenes of devastation and horror, zombie take-overs, Halloween, the end of the world…

Love the track but there’s something you would like altered; maybe you would like a longer, shorter or even loop able version? Drop me a message.

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