That Funkin' Ukulele

That Funkin' Ukulele

“That Funkin’ Ukulele” is the latest royalty free music offering from Andy Slatter.

This funky, and infectiously catchy little number uses several layers of real ukulele, which play funky chords, melodies and harmonies, as well as upright bass, funky drums, tambourine, congas, glockenspiel, and the magic ingredient of some old school style sampled trumpets and didgeridoo.

These come together to form a truly unforgettable and groovy jazz tinged quirky, original, upbeat and ecstatically happy theme, with character and personality, which will be perfect for your advertising campaign, promotional video, slideshow, film, website, corporate or explainer video. Also perfect for your app or game

Five versions of the track are included in the zip, for maximum usability and convenience. The five versions are played on the preview in the following order:

30 sec/ident version: 0:30 (0:00-0:30 on prev.) wav/mp3.
Full track: 2:28 (0:30-2:58 on prev.) wav/mp3.
Seamless verse loop with melodies: 0:40 (2:58-3:38 on prev.) wav only.
Seamless verse loop no melodies: 0:20 (3:40-4:00 on prev.) wav only.
Full track with warped/scratched vinyl effect: 2:28 (4:00-6:28 on prev.) wav/mp3.

(please note that loop versions will sound abrupt on the preview, but do in fact loop seamlessly)

You could use these variations to make a custom version of the track to suit your project, just drop the loops into a DAW or Audio Editor, use the loops to extend the track as need be, or maybe do a crossfade between the old warped vinyl version and the regular version to emphasize a change from old to new, or dirty to clean, to support your visuals.

The bpm is 120, you could easily create further loops, as all sections of the track loop seamlessly. If you need custom versions or edits of the track, please contact me through my profile page to discuss a quote.

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