That Country Kit

That Country Kit

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Country music is acoustic folk track with American mood and a slight shade of the wild west. This is acoustic music for you movie, video or YouTube channel.

This composition with acoustic guitar, slide guitar, drums, percussion and bass. Great for advertising, presentations, promotions, slideshows, YouTube videos or travel TV shows, commercials, uplifting and motivational projects, blogers, websites, corporate projects, texas vidio, western videos, country videos, wild west videos, cowboys videos, american vidios, and many more!

This country music is built in such a way that you can cut and shorten its duration in any of the pauses, and also combine these parts in any order. The cue has strong and clear sync points, so you can know for sure where the picture should change. All this simplifies the life of the video editor.

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:

  • Demo Track 01 2:18
  • Demo Track 02 0:58
  • Demo Track 03 0:48
List of tracks that included of this kit:
  • 01_Intro_Part1 – 0:08
  • 02_Intro_Part1_NoReverse – 0:07
  • 03_Verse_Part1 – 0:15
  • 04_Verse_Part2 – 0:15
  • 05_Chorus_Part1 – 0:15
  • 06_Chorus_Part2 – 0:15
  • 07_Bridge_Part1 – 0:15
  • 08_Bridge_Part1_Intro – 0:15
  • 09_Bridge_Part2 – 0:15
  • 10_Chorus_Part1 – 0:15
  • 11_Chorus_Part2 – 0:15
  • 12_Extra_Intro – 0:01

All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails This is original track: That Country