Technology Pack

Technology Pack

This electronic music pack contains four tracks dedicated to all kinds of technology projects.

In the pack included:

1. Technology Dreams 5:15
This is an electronic and contemplative music track designed for technology projects, info-graphics, corporate videos etc. Great as high tech corporate background music.

2. Robotic Technology 4:02
A futuristic, electronic technology track with cold, trance, industrial atmosphere. Designed for corporate technical, laboratory, medical projects, very well suited as background music for any high-tech corporate film, presentations and animations.
There are also 3 short versions of this track included in the pack!: 1:00, 0:30 and 0:15

3. Experimental Technology 3:41
Strange technology sounds, electronic beats, weird sweeps, arpeggios and basses – this is a track created to illustrate some technological project or process. It was designed to sound different – not mainstream. It shall underline the specific character of your project. This tune can be used for any futuristic, industrial or corporate idea, also for medical science or laboratory projects and so on. For corporate technology companies as well, that want to emphasize their technology advantage.
There are also 2 short versions of this track included in this pack: 1:00 and 0:30

4.Action Percussion Underscore 3:58
Heavily modified percussion loops with delays, distortion, flangers, panning and other effects are coupled with a double bass (contrabass) line and some other sound effects. This produces an exceptional suspenseful atmosphere for dramatic movie scenes, especially for those “something is going to happen soon” moments.
There are also 3 shorter versions included in this pack: 1:00, 0:30, 0:15

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