Technology Ambient

Technology Ambient

Technology Ambient

Ambient corporate background for business presentation, advertising, promo, commercial, slideshow, instagram stories and social network short commercials.

Perfectly fits different topics such as:

  • Industry
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • IT
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Medical
and many others


  • Technology Ambient (1:55)
  • Technology Ambient Short (0:35)
  • Technology Ambient Shortest (0:19)
  • Technology Ambient Loop (0:15)
  • Technology Ambient Loop 2 (0:15)

A little tip for better usability

  1. Set the tempo 130 bpm and insert an audio file into your project so it fit the grid.
  2. Take a file `Technology Ambient Shortest` and cut its ending

3. Move the ending away S-2

4. Take files `Loop 1` and `Loop 2` and put them right after the the first audio S-3

5.Stick the ending to the rest of audio clips Screenshot-3 You can make this track as long as you wish by copying loops one after another in any combination you like Screenshot-5 Need more versions? Contact me!

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