Tech Tools Kit

Tech Tools Kit

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”Tech Tools Kit” – This track is perfect for visual presentations of all sorts or as a background music for tech reports, hands-on reviews and other IT vids. Like all of my other tracks, it is mastered and ready to be played on every device possible. Now it comes as a Kit so take advantage of it. Arrange all sections easily, so they match the flow of your picture perfectly! Without expensive and time consuming editing jobs. Download the preview now and check it out!

Zip contains:

1_Tech Tools (Demo_1) – 0:38
2_Tech Tools (Demo_2) – 0:54
3_Tech Tools (Demo_3) – 1:26

01_INTRO – 0:16
02_VERSE_1 – 0:16
03_CHORUS_1 – 0:16
04_CHORUS_2 – 0:16
05_BRIDGE_1 – 0:16
06_VERSE_2 – 0:16
07_VERSE_3 – 0:16
08_CHORUS_3 – 0:16
09_CHORUS_4 – 0:16
10_BRIDGE_2 – 0:16
11_OUTRO – 0:18

Link to the original: Tech Tools !!

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