Tech Pack

Tech Pack

It is Technology, innovation, corporate, ambient and minimal Tech pack.

It contains 3 tracks:

1. Minimal

Perfect corporate minimal track. This exclusive soundtrack is very good for your corporate projects, advertisements, Film and TV, presentations, Youtube as well as other new media applications. For technology, medical, science, startup, slideshows, Добавить в словарь and more…

This track features 4 versions for extra versatility and usability:

  • 1. Full length version: – 2:39
  • 2. 60 sec. version 1:00
  • 3. 30 sec. version 0:30
  • 4. 15 sec. version 0:15
  • 2. The Tech

    This tech, minimalistic, transparent, positive, optimistic, scientific, background, designed, minimal, simple, easy, qualitative, technological, molecular, particle, atom, little, loud track for your tech, documentary, science, news, technological, biomedical, physical, background, slide show video.Two versions are included in the archive (Wav and Mp3).

    Included 4 versions for your usability :

  • 1. Full Version – 2:40
  • 2. 60s version – 1:00
  • 2. 30s version – 0:30
  • 2. 15s version – 0:15
  • 3. Corporate Technology

    This technologically advanced, innovative, corporate, uplifting, tech, biomedical, ambient music. This music is perfect for any of your advertising, background, presentation, documentary, file, gender, engineering, warehousing, road and tourist technologies. From molecular to nuclear technology is the fine line this warm electronic music. This is music to innovation and technology. For you.

    For ease of use in advertising included 3 versions:

  • Full version – 02:46
  • 60s version 01:00
  • 30s version 0:30
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