Tech Hi Kit

Tech Hi Kit

Tech Hi Kit – advertising corporate track with a fresh sound in the hi tech style. Suitable for inspirational commercials and videos for business, corporate adverts, promotional presentations, business training, inspirational and successful story, advertisement and TV commercial, media project and podcast, You Tube and website, life and travel, science and invention, innovation and education, sport and health, design and architecture, medicine and high technology, corporate, business, trade, nature and more motivational video productions. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!


This kit is based on this music: <a href="">Tech Hi</a>

Here is a very convenient kit for you to create an corporate music. By using its separate parts you can easily construct a music track which will meet all your requirements.

Demo tracks:

Demo 1 – 1:35
Demo 2 – 0:55


01_Intro_FadeIn – 0:03
02_Intro1– 0:08
03_Intro2 – 0:08
04_Verse1 – 0:08
05_Verse2 – 0:08
06_Verse3_With_Pluck – 0:08
07_Verse4_With_Pluck – 0:08
08_Chorus1 – 0:16
09_Chorus2 – 0:16
10_Breakdown – 0:16
11_Chorus3 – 0:16
12_Chorus4 – 0:16
13_Coda - 0:04