Teaser Hip Hop Kit

Teaser Hip Hop Kit

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This is a powerful Hip Hop composition with epic melodies for strong scenes !

Great for background sport music, for action sport video, sporty hip hop trailer opening, motivation and inspiring video, championship soundtrack, epic sports broadcast, showreel, sport show opener, motivation tv projects, fitness and video, trailer and teaser, promotional video, media news and for many other of hip hop projects.

What is a MUSIC KIT?

A MUSIC KIT is a collection of pre-edited individual song sections that can be rearranged easily and flexibly like musical building blocks to create custom-timed and custom-structured music tracks. Music kit sections contain natural decaying “tails” that allow for seamless transitions.

All of the sections from my original ” Teaser Hip Hop ” are included in this music kit.


1:24 Demo 1

0:48 Demo 2

0:28 Demo 3

WAV files included in MUSIC KIT:

01_In_ (0:01)

02_Intro_ (0:06)

03_Verse1_ (0:12)

04_Verse2_ (0:12)

05_ChorusA_ (0:12)

06_ChorusB_ (0:12)

07_Verse3_ (0:12)

08_Verse4_ (0:12)

09_End_ (0:04)

Enjoy, SoniXAudiO!