Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave

Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave

Retro Dance, Retro, Synth, Synthwave, Retrowave, Retro Pop Dance

Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave - 1

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Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave - 3

Retrowave Electronic Dance Music soundtrack “Synthwave Technology Futuristic”. This is a powerful sounds with retro synths and synthwave beat. Perfect for emotional Synthpop song or underscore, car advertising, retro commercials and presentations, retro-futuristic and sci-fi films, animations and games, youtube and vimeo movies (about 80s, 90s, retro, technology, sport, cars, racing, cup, space, science, etc.) and many more projects, where need high-quality Synthwave background Royalty Free Music.

Five versions in a zip:

Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave (Main Version) – (2:33), WAV (0:00 – 2:33 in preview)

Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave (Underscore Version) – (1:36), WAV (2:33 – 4:09 in preview)

Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave (60 Seconds Version) – (1:00), WAV (4:09 – 5:09 in preview)

Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave (30 Seconds Version) – (0:30), WAV (5:09 – 5:39 in preview)

Synthwave Synthpop Retrowave (Loop) – (2:26), WAV (5:39 – 8:05 in preview)

MAIN INSTRUMENTS: Retro and modern synths, synthwave drums, percussions, sfx.

Tempo: 105

Tonality: Gm


Retrowave (1 Version)

80s Synth Pop (1 Version)

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