Synthwave Cyberpunk Action Trailer

Synthwave Cyberpunk Action Trailer

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Retro Futuristic, Extreme Racing, Cyberpunk Ambient, Futuristic Trailer


Synth Wave Cyber Punk Action Trailer is commercial track in the style of Cyberpunk Electro and Electro Sports perfectly suitable for Hard Work process, Opening Theme,Workout Fitness video, Sports Intro video series, Promotional Video, shortAction Trailer, energetic Advertising Background, Aggressive Trailer and Sport Action of media products, retro Stylish Background, dynamic Chase Scene, Hi-tech Cybernetic Intro, Adrenaline Sport, Cars And Bikes Opener Logo, Motor Sport theme, Game Background scenes demo, Race Car news, Presentation Background and Advertising Background.
In this track used Cyberpunk Ambient, Electronic Drums, 80s Synth, Deep Bass.

THREE versions included:

– Original – 2:43

– Version 2 – 2:03

- Version 3 – 2:31

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Style and Mood: Cyberpunk, Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Gibson, The Matrix, RoboCop, Dredd, Ghost in the Shell, Terminator, eXistenZ, cyberpunk 2077, Mitch Murder, Kavinsky, The Martian, Snowpiercer, Ex Machina, Ready Player One, Deus Ex, Gunship, Destiny, EVE online, starcraft, Mass Effect