Discussion on Sursike Funk

Discussion on Sursike Funk

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Very nice music. Congratulations Mipla.

Thank you. And your work look great. I hope that in future will be opportunities for cooperation! :)

I LOVE IT! Thank you. Put me in a great mood when I listened to the preview. Well done!

The pleasure is mine! Thanks. :)

Nice quality. Very usable music flow. Will bookmark you for future needs. Thanks for the freebie.

I’m glad to hear that! Thanks. :)

Just Make it Funky Mipla ;)

I am trying! ;) Thanks bro. :)

Nice song, keep it up! Funky funky like a monkey :D

Hahaha… Thanks mate. :)

Thanks Mipla!

very Cool

(a freeloader for now)

You’re welcome! ;) Thanks. :)

Optimistical, like 007. Nice. Funky as J.B.

Brown… James Brown! :D Thanks Nick. :)

Free file of the month! Woot, woot! Thank you! :)

Hope you enjoy. :)

Amazing guitar parts! :-)

Haha! This is great to even just listen to! Some of my friends are filmmakers—I’ll definitely refer them to your stuff.

Thanks Dave, I appreciate it very much! :)

I got this file as a Free Monthly file, can I use it in my Youtube video for no copyright violation message?

Yes, of course you can. With a ``Free Monthly File`` you get the one free regular license! And if there is any problem, feel free to contact me via email:! :)

Nice track!

Best regards…

Great track! I also downloaded it as the monthly “free” file and would like to use it as the background for my voice-over demo/audition. It that permissible?

Hi Merlin. I’m not sure, so I looked for the answer in the forum and I found this: ``You can not add lyrics/vocals to a stock music file and sell it on a commercial music album or in iTunes. This would be considered a “superficial modification” and is specifically prohibited in the AJ Licensing FAQ`` ``You can use a stock music file as a background track mixed underneath a voice over recording in an audio only end product such as a guided meditation, podcast, or audiobook recording. This would constitute a larger end work, and as long as the source audio is not able to be readily extracted by the end user, this is fine.``

So, if you make a demo, and you will not continue to sell, or in any way making money from this song, the answer is yes. :)

Good luck, and i would love to hear it when its done.. Cheers!

OK… great! And thanks for the research. When it’s done I’ll post a copy.

Company Promotional Video sound to use?

Yep. :) And if you need any help with adapting music with a Video, please, feel free to contact me! ;)

Very nice music. Thank you. :)

Thanks Mipla, Good Luck :D

Nice track, thank you!