Fashion Hip-Hop Kit

Fashion Hip-Hop Kit

JANUARY SALE!Fashion Hip-Hop Kit - 1

This Music Kit is based on item Chill

Fashion Hip-Hop Kit - 2

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Fashion Hip-Hop Kit - 8

This is a trendy background stylish abstract fashion hip-hop with a chill hop vibe. Starts with a Rhodes piano chops, then transforms to the full dusty vinyl Boom Bap beat with some creative atmospheric Bonobo style percussion and vocal chops.

This abstract stylish hip-hop beat is good for fashion commercial, travel background, travel vlog, summer travel, road travel, urban city video, time lapse video, drone footage, drone fly video, lingerie commercial, beauty video blog, youtube tech blog, swimwear advertising, urban fashion, event video, GoPro travel, Instagram promo video, fashion backstage, photography backstage and more.

Fashion Hip-Hop Kit - 9

If you are searching for trendy, stylish, youth, abstract, urban, hip-hop background music, this track can add right emotions to your video project.

Fashion Hip-Hop Kit - 10

After purchase, you will get 3 ready to use demos: 01_AllMainSections – 2:04 02_Intrumental – 2:04 03_Short_1min – 0:57

List of included files:
  • 01_INTRO 0:13
  • 02_VerseA1 0:13
  • 03_VerseA2_Vox 0:14
  • 04_VerseA2_NoVox 0:14
  • 05_Verse_B1_Melody_Vox 0:14
  • 06_Verse_B1_Melody_NoVox 0:14
  • 07_Verse_B2_Melody_Vox 0:14
  • 08_Verse_B2_Melody_NoVox 0:14
  • 09_Breakdown_Vox 0:14
  • 10_Breakdown_NoVo 0:14
  • 11_Breakdown_AddPerc_Vox 0:16
  • 12_Breakdown_AddPerc_NoVox 0:16
  • 13_VerseC_Vox 0:25
  • 14_VerseC_NoVox 0:25
  • 15_VerseD_Vox 0:25
  • 16_VerseD_NoVox 0:25

Dear VideoHive authors: Want to use this song in one of your next AfterEffects or Motion projects 1 – Download the preview file of the track. 2 – Add the audio into your project and add music credits somewhere (in the project or the description). 3. Put a link in the description with our full name. For example: Music by: KickTracks ” Name of the track”

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Fashion Hip-Hop Kit - 11