Summer Upbeat Pop Rock Kit

Summer Upbeat Pop Rock Kit

A MUSIC KIT, based on my original AudioJungle composition, Summer Upbeat Pop Rock.

“Summer Upbeat Pop Rock” is an uplifting inspirational catchy track in style of: Pop, Synth Pop, Pop Rock, Power Pop for your explainer video, GoPro footage, extreme sport video, film project, web commercial, video blog can be polished off. Viral Marketing Campaign, Mobile Phone App, Video Game Soundtrack, Videohive Preview, Sport and Clubs Media it where you can you it.

Fresh, upbeat and driving track for your projects. Featuring real electric guitars, acoustic guitars, piano, guitar mutes and harmonics, drums and various driving percussion. Joy, happiness and optimism are here.

Instruments used: guitars, synthesizer, punchy electronic and live drums. Summer Upbeat Pop – will useful for:

Genre: Pop, Synth Pop, Pop Rock, Power Pop

Mood: Driving, Feel Good, Upbeat, Uplifting

Background music for Employment, Travel/Hotels & Accommodations, Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones or Cameras, Computers & Peripherals/Laptops & Notebooks, Software/Design Software/Drawing & Animation Software/Video Software/Business & Productivity Software, Business Services/Business Technology/Web Services/Web Design & Development, Dating Services.


  • Demo track 1 (2:09)
  • Demo Track 2 (1:14)
  • Demo Track 3 (0:27)

Track Sections:

  • 01_Intro (0:07)
  • 02_Verse1 (0:15)
  • 03_Chorus1 (0:15)
  • 04_Break (0:07)
  • 05_Verse2 (0:07)
  • 06_Pre-Chorus (0:07)
  • 07_Chorus2 (0:15)
  • 08_Bridge (0:15)
  • 09_Chorus3A (0:07)
  • 10_Chorus3B (0:07)
  • 11_Chorus4A (0:07)
  • 12_Chorus4B (0:11)