Summer Party

Summer Party

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Summer Dance, Summer Pop, Dance Party

I am so tired of this robotic “motivational corporational inspirata stuff”. Are we alive or not? It’s so cold here. But it’s about music, isn’t it? Music it’s a big part of our lives. It lives with all our sad and sweet memories. I think you all tired of this faceless accounts and tracks. This place needs more integrated modern social connecting technologies that is up to date. And full redesign. We need a convenient way to communicate with each other. And I am sure that no one will see this message :)) it’s like a cinematic plot when invinsible man tries to say something, but no one can see or hear him. got it!! like from the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze. wow ! I would like to rewatch this movie. You see? This is the life! Now you know, that I am a person who likes Patrick Swayze But wait…I forgot that it’s very unlikely that someone will read this. But now I have my own Youtube channel, where I upload my music and communicate with people. You know my name, so you can find it. I am not sure that I am allowed to paste a link. I don’t even sure, if I can write this kinda stuff?? Can I tell you my feelings here? or it’s just a place for this formal and identic tags? Hope admins will not block my account. But actually…Nowaday income is so extremely low, so it doesn’t much. Did you know that not exclusive author get only 30% from sales? If you have read this…I don’t know… just give me a sign…I think the only way is comments. Just something to me…f.e. Do you like Patrick?

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“Summer Party” is a melodic, fresh, electronic, tropical house music with energetic synths, catchy melodies, marimba, pan flute and vocal chops.

Suitable for any kind of projects: commercials, advertisements and presentations, montages and technology videos, TV, web and other media projects, radio, business presentations, ads, slideshows, youtube videos, sport videos, marketing, tutorials, promotional, infographics, podcasts, timelapse videos, technology advertising, etc.

Similar style to Kygo.

6 high quality MP3 and WAV versions are included in Zip file:

  • Summer Party [2:09]
  • Summer Party (30 sec edit) [0:31]
  • Summer Party (1 min edit) [1:01]
  • Summer Party (60 sec edit) [0:59]
  • Summer Party (high tempo edit) [2:04]
  • Summer Party (loop edit) [1:50]
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