Summer Pack

Summer Pack

Summer Pack – is a bundle of royalty free music tracks with 50% discount. The main idea of this background music pack is to convey the atmosphere of joyful life full of happiness, love and cheerful positive emotions.
For this folk music pack of background music i’ve collected very positive, happy and inspiring music which has a very uplifting and shiny vibe and can fill your imagination with ideas of positive thinking and motivational optimism.
Possible ways where you can use these background music are: youtube video, corporate slideshow or website presentation, advertising, documentary, podcast, mobile application advertising or any other commercial use.

What You get, when you buy this pack:

  1. Summer Party

    • 1.Summer Party (Short Version 1) (Duration: 1:38)
    • 2.Summer Party (Short Version 2) (Duration: 1:08) – [1:39 in preview]
    • 3.Summer Party (Main Version) (Duration: 2:55) – [2:46 in preview]
    • 4.Summer Party (Loop Version) (Duration: 0:15) – [5:41 in preview]

  2. Summer Pop

    • Summer Pop (Main Version) (Duration: 2:18) – [6:00 in preview]

  3. Corporate Pop

    • 1.Corporate Pop (Short Version 1) (Duration: 1:04) – [8:23 in preview]
    • 2.Corporate Pop (Short Version 2) (Duration: 0:38) – [6:26 in preview]
    • 3.Corporate Pop (Main Version) (Duration: 2:00) – [10:04 in preview]
    • 4.Corporate Pop (Light Version) (Duration: 2:00) – [12:04 in preview]
    • 5.Corporate Pop (Loop Version) (Duration: 0:18) – [14:04 in preview]

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