Summer Music Pack

Summer Music Pack

Include Wave & Mp3

This pack perfect for: travel videos, inspirational projects, commercials, fashion show, luxury blog, photo session, advertisement, youtube, videohive projects, promo video, presentation, slideshow, tv, radio, background, chill and many more!

  • Summer House

    Bright and light commercial track in Pop House style.

    Instruments used: Guitar, fm bass, synth lead, strings and atmosphere voice.

    • Summer House (Full 2:39)
    • Summer House (Ver. 1 Cut 1:50)
    • Summer House (Ver. 2 Cut 0:58)
    • Summer House (Ver. 3 Cut 1:15)

  • Tropical Sunset

    Bright commercial track in Tropical House style.

    Instruments used: Piano, muted guitar, synth flute, bells and atmosphere voice.

    • Tropical Sunset (Full 2:29)
    • Tropical Sunset (Ver. 1 Cut 1:00)
    • Tropical Sunset (Ver. 2 Cut 1:37)
    • Tropical Sunset (Loop 0:52)

  • Summer Party

    Bright commercial dance track.

    Instruments used: Piano, flute, marimba and choped voices.

    • Summer Party (Full 2:22)
    • Summer Party (Cut 1:15)
    • Summer Party (Loop 0:33)

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