Summer Hip-Hop Pack

Summer Hip-Hop Pack

The Summer Hip-Hop Pack contains three separate Hip-Hop tracks chosen from TheRoyalLine portfolio. Each track has been specially hand-selected to work with any production needing a special Summer Boom Bap Hip-Hop vibe. Short Edits and a Looped Audio Version of each track are also included for TV, commercial or advertisement work.

Perfect for use in

  • Youth advertising
  • Urban and Street Lifestyle video
  • Vacation promo video
  • Resort Advertising video
  • YouTube Montage
  • City Time Lapse video
  • Slow Motion edits
  • Drone flight footage
  • Vlog backing track
  • Cafe / Bar background music
  • Skate Video
  • Sport and Action Video
  • Film and Radio
  • Documentary Shows

3 tracks and their variations are included in the download

  1. Summer Hip Hop [2:00]
    • Summer Hip Hop (Short Edit) [1:18]
    • Summer Hip Hop (Short Edit – No Breakdown) [0:56]
    • Summer Hip Hop (20s Loop Edit) [0:20]
  2. This Hip Hop [2:27]
    • This Hip Hop (Instrumental) [2:27]
    • This Hip Hop (Short Edit) [1:26]
    • This Hip Hop (Short Edit – Instrumental) [1:26]
    • This Hip Hop (40s Loop Edit) [0:40]
  3. Hip Hop Background [2:23]
    • Hip Hop Background (90s Edit) [1:43]
    • Hip Hop Background (60s Edit) [1:02]
    • Hip Hop Background (40s Loop Edit) [0:40]
Both WAV and MP3 versions of each edit are included.