Summer Ambient Corporate Pack

Summer Ambient Corporate Pack

Soft, beautiful, deep, inspirational, ambient and atmospheric music bundle. Motivational, inspirational, corporate, positive and warm ambient collection. Music that can be used in various type of inspirational videos, innovative corporate and marketing product videos, media projects, life and travel. Perfect for any media projects!

Are included in a package:

1. Summer Ambient Background (2:11)

Summer Ambient Background contains 4 versions:

Summer Ambient Background-Full (2:11)

Summer Ambient Background-Short (1:01)

Summer Ambient Background-Very Short (0:33)

Summer Ambient Background-Very Very Short (0:16)

2. Light Ambient Inspiring (2:27)

Light Ambient Inspiring contains 3 versions:

Light Ambient Inspiring-Full (2:27)

Light Ambient Inspiring-Short (1:05)

Light Ambient Inspiring-Very Short (0:16)

3. Ambient Soft Motivational (2:18)

Ambient Soft Motivational contains 5 versions:

Ambient Soft Motivational-Full (2:18)

Ambient Soft Motivational-Short (1:08)

Ambient Soft Motivational-Very Short (0:33)

Ambient Soft Motivational-Very Very Short (0:16)

Ambient Soft Motivational-With Guitar (0:33)