Successful & Inspirational Backgrounds Pack

Successful & Inspirational Backgrounds Pack

Successful & Inspirational Backgrounds Pack consists of four successful and motivational tracks. This pack have a inspiring tracks with warm piano, bass, pad and light drums and other instruments. Ideal for inspiring background video, slideshows, interviews, news, web, podcast, after effect projects, television, tv show, promotions, presentations, advertising and many other events.

Included in this pack :

  1. Successful Ambient Background – 2:02
  2. Successful Piano Background – 1:52 (in preview after 2:02)
  3. Inspirational Successful Background – 1:48 (in preview after 3:54)
  4. Successful Presentation Loop – 1:36 (in preview after 7:17)

  5. Successful Ambient Background:
    Successful Ambient Background – 2:02

    Successful Piano Background:
    Successful Piano Background – 1:52

    Inspirational Successful Background:
    Inspirational Successful Background – 1:48
    Inspirational Successful Background (Loop version) – 1:32

    Successful Presentation Loop:
    Successful Presentation Loop – 1:36

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