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Very positive and easy mood! Podoba mi sie!

Dzieki :)

I still try to understand why is this track outperforming my other productions so much. Is this because it starts a fast paced, positive melody from the first bars? Or because there are more different themes than I usually compose for a track, so it’s more interesting?

No, it’s probably because I’ve used the ultimate, perfect and magical C G a F progression (even if transposed to G key)! ;)

C G a F, great build-up, awesome mixed sounds, good sense of reverb, popular bass-line fits well with the drums, perfect tempo, piano theme that will never go out of style, and A LOT of action (changes). That is actually the formula for success!

Excellent work! Wish you to survive in the jungle :)

Thanks :)

Very catchy melody, great vibe!

Thx a lot :)

Oh! Very cool! Good work!

Thanks a lot :)

Nice corporate track :)

Thanks, I also like your tracks a lot! :)