Stylish Indie Rock Kit

Stylish Indie Rock Kit

This item is a MUSIC KIT, based on my original AudioJungle composition,

Stylish Indie Rock.

Stylish Indie Rock Kit - 1

Bright and energetic alternative garage indie British style rock music with catchy melodies and cool guitar riffs in style of The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys and etc. Confident, happy, youth, positive, energetic and driving mood. Perfect for commercial, advertising, corporate and motivational videos, YouTube | Vimeo | Dailymotion video, presentation, TV, ads, feel-good video, fun party, fashion, fashionable videos, sports, travel videos and much more!..

Demos included:

  • Demo 1 (original track, 2:19)
  • Demo 2 (1:11)
  • Demo 3 (0:37)

Track sections:

  • 01_Intro_Swoosh (0:01)
  • 02_Verse1_Part1 (0:17)
  • 03_Verse1_Part2 (0:17)
  • 04_Chorus1_Part1 (0:17)
  • 05_Chorus1_Part2 (0:17)
  • 06_Verse2_Part1 (0:17)
  • 07_Verse2_Part2 (0:17)
  • 08_Chorus2_Part1 (0:17)
  • 09_Chorus2_Part2 (0:17)
  • 10_End (0:04)
  • 11_Bonus_End_Short (0:02)
  • 12_Bonus_End_Cymbal (0:03)

Instruments: electric guitar, bass, synth, drums, percussion, claps, vocal samples

Stylish Indie Rock Kit - 2If you need audio editing, extra versions or if you have any questions about ContentID ‘Identifyy’, please feel free to contact me via email in my profile’s page.