Stylish Energy Stomping Rock

Stylish Energy Stomping Rock

Stylish Energy Stomping Rock is dynamic track with a touch of style and man’s spirit in it. It is a powerful and energetic rock track featuring catchy guitar hook with indie style vocal harmonies and vocal hooks like ‘Hey’ and ‘Whoo’, driving, crispy old school rock guitars, massive rhythm section with claps and stomps, and energetic melody that keeps you toned up.

Perfect for:

  • Extreme show
  • MMA, K1 and any other fighting sports
  • Extreme sports highlights (bmx, cars, airsoft, football, baseball)
  • Competitions
  • YouTube content, Blogs, Vlogs
  • Product Showcase
  • Media & Video Production
  • TV
  • Intro
  • Opener

    Four versions are included in both WAV and MP3:
    1. Full – (Length 2:18)
    2. Full (No Vocal Hook) – (Length 2:18)
    3. Short – (Length 1:30)
    4. Short (No Vocal Hook) – (Length 1:31)
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