Discussion on Starry Night Drive

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Love it! Influenced by some Coldplay? Great job!

Thanks man! I appreciate it!

Rediscovered this track today. It’s absolutely amazing.

This track is gorgeous. Congratulations!

Thanks so much!

Your portfolio is probably the best on AudioJungle! My new “go-to” when I need some great beds…

Thanks for all your hard work! It’s seriously brilliant!

Thank you very much!

Really fantastic work man. This needs even more sales.

Ha, I agree! :)

Love it man !!! Great work!!!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Nice man … nice song :D

Brilliant. I’ve listened to this track at least seven times now. Great music to design to. Well done, man!

Thanks for the kind words!

Great track. Different to other ones. You take the time to let this piece grow up. Wonderful :)

Great work and great portfolio!!!

Thank you!

Cool and nice track! Well done)

Love this! Brilliant track. :)

Thank you.

Really nice sound!