St. Valentine's Pack

St. Valentine's Pack


st. Valentine Pack – is romantic and sentimental set of five songs. Love, peace, hope, dream, live – these words are not enough to describe the mood that the music creates. If you want to take your project to the next level this package will help you to do this !!!

st. Valentine’s Pack included:

Good Morning (2:03) (include loopable version (1:55))
Face to Face (2:24)
Inspire Me (2:30)
Sally Fell in Love (2:08)
Sad Monday (2:14)

Romantic and Sentimental background

Great for reflective and thoughtful video such as family movie, photos slideshow, romantic film, love story, etc. Tender folk acoustic guitar, soulful and gentle piano creates beautiful soft relaxing mood. Sentimental and sensitive background music is real enjoyment for your project.

Inspirational Project

If you want to inspire and motivate, simple elegant and emotional music is perfect solution. This track is hopeful, uplifting and expressive with positive vibes. Mellow acoustic sound breathe the inspiration and hope.


What is needed for commercial advertising? Relaxing and easy listening background. This minimal and peaceful melody sounds dreamy and magical.


Wedding is a touching moment. Sweet memories for whole life. Everyone wants remember this solemn and emotive event. Make video and pictures. So after some time to feel this pleasure again. Near the glowing fireplace watching wedding film or photo slideshow with delicate and nostalgic feelings. Bride, rings, love… All this emotions will be strengthened by tenderness romantic music with passionate piano or beauty of warm wedding acoustic guitar.

How to make your project successful?
You need to create the right mood. You’re in luck’s way! We will help you. Dredstudio’s music helps advertisement be more appealing to the audience by simply making it more attractive espectively more aesthetic. You may use any of my preview tracks for your projects provide link to my track in your description.
Dredstudio’s royalty free music is perfect solution for advertising, slideshow (slide show), YouTube videos, home videos, love stories, romantic and sentimental movie, lower thirds, titles, trailers, web marketing, presentations, bussines projects, portfolio, films, background music, hollidays, party, motivational and inspirational videos etc.