Spy Theme Comedy Logo

Spy Theme Comedy Logo

Quirky Comedy, Detective Story, Sneaky Comedy, Cartoon Intro


Spying Theme Comedy Logo is commercial logo in the style of Orchestral Music perfectly suitable for short Cartoon Intro, Animated Video, Animation Background, Cartoon Animation, Advertising Background, children’s opener video, comical vlogs and Comical Scenes, Cartoon Background, Kids Logo and jokes, Children Playing, Comedy Show Intro and series, Sneaky Cats and other pets video, Humorous Cartoon, children’s and animal Awkward Situation, Secret Agent background on Spy Action Comedy, Silly Fun in cartoons, pets show, sitcom and joking dialogues and other cheerful glad multimedia projects.

In this Cartoon Logo used Happy Xylophone, Marimba Happy, glockenspiel, Pizzicato Strings.

FOUR versions included:

– Original – 0:13

– Version 2 – 0:09

– Version 3 – 0:13

– Version 4 – 0:09

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