Sport Rock

Sport Rock

Energy, Rock, Action

Sport Rock is energetic rock track with modern synth sound and cool female vocal! It’s perfect for:
  • Videos About Sport, Trainings, Exteme, WorkOut, Fitness
  • Videos About Fighting, Boxing, Mixed Fights
  • Videos About Bikers And Trucks
  • Videos About Rock Culture
  • Retro Style Videos
  • Videos About 70s
  • Videos About Travels, Cars, Racing and Motocyles, Urban and StreetLife
  • Soundtrack For Games
  • Sports Opener, Sports intro, Sport Promo, Sports Broadcast, Sport Broadcast Opener
  • Youtube, Vimeo, VideoHive, Adobe After Effects And Other Projects
  • Trailers, Openers
  • TV and Radio Use
  • Videos About Any Sort Of Action: Running, Flying, Driving, Surfing
4 versions included in the zip. All versions in WAV and mp3. In order of appearance in preview:
1. Short version (1:04)
2. Main version (2:24)
3. Short version without vocal (1:04)
4. Main version without vocal (2:24)

Thank you for listening and purchasing!