Sport Rock Energetic Intro

Sport Rock Energetic Intro

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This background music for video with hard rock guitar riff and electric guitar solo produced and mixed by AudioERA Studio© in 2021.

License this royalty free energetic rock intro music and feel free to contact me via the form or email if you need help/advice.

I’m always ready to help you 24/7. Just mail me via the Form !

This is hard rock soundtrack with energetic rock intro, sport action epic mood and driving rock powerful rock trailer sound and motivational theme. Background music for game and for video with inspiring rock trailer drums action moments.

Main instruments: guitar, drums, bass guitar, synths, sfx, percussions, stomp and claps.

Mood and Atmosphere: sport, motivation, action, drive, powerful enterprise, action trailer music, catchy rock, challenges, extreme rock motivation, energetic music, modern rock and roll, modern intro, indie rock upbeat, commercial music background theme, epic, pop rock epic, driving in my car, upbeat, positive rock intro.

You can use it for: intense trailer music for epic sport videos, cinematic projects with motivational rock music, action on landscapes with cool music, cinematic hardcore and metal scenes, youtube commercial and private content, video games, video trailers, drive rock music instrumental, rock and roll machine, epic music cinematic trailer intro, presentations and intro outro of epic projects with motivational music, background rock music for films and action scenes.

This Music is Perfect choice for You if You want to hear:

  • Guitar Solo and guitar logo.
  • Sports introduction theme and sport action inspiring moments, sport theme.
  • Rock background loop for game, stream, action scene and more.
  • Driving indie anthem and driving rock powerful soundtrack or powerful rock background music.
  • Powerful rock trailer / energy music for presentation.
  • Ekectric guitar rock claps, catchy music, music for sports news or sport intro.
  • Energy logo for action sport games or action sport opener.

    With this uplifting music soundtrack You easy can create:

  • Background loop and epic rock loop for games, for battle scenes and videos.
  • Videos and projects with cinematic rock theme.
  • Inspirational rock music loop, cool rock success, podcasts and streams.
  • Intro music ident for presentations and any commercial content on YouTube Vimeo and etc.
  • Trailer uplifting rock background music action with with guitar solo and hard rock riffs!

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    I have a lot of action rock music, energy sport driving rock and modern rock and roll soundtrack on my portfolio and I upload it weekly!
    You can also find sporty rock music, indie rock soundtrack and intro epic rock sound on my portfolio. It always uploaded in the perfect quality on my portfolio!
    Please check my portfolio and find more epic cinematic trailer music for your awesome projects!

    Thank you for listenning and licensing my music!

    AudioERA Studio© 2021.

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