Sport Rock and Breakbeat Pack

Sport Rock and Breakbeat Pack

This is a bundle of three powerful and dynamic modern rock breakbeat tracks for any kind of media that deals with extreme sports, action, drive and energy.

The pieces in the pack:

1. Sport Rock

This is an energetic and powerful hard rock piece with modern breakbit groove, distorted rock / metal guitar riff, punchy rock drum kit, deep and crunchy bass guitar with extra drive on it, and designed trendy sound effects.

This royalty free rock music is a great option to be used in an extreme sport media project, workout gym video, fitness commercial, fight club promo, boxing / mma / wma fights presentation, muscle cars video, trucks show and much more.

Comes with 2 versions:

1. Main / 1m30s – 1:30

2. Short / 40s – 0:40

2. This Is Prodigy

This is a crazy driving breakbeat rock piece composed in the best traditions of the legendary british punk band The Prodigy. The main theme is based on a distorted guitar riff and punchy energetic electronic drums groove, deep crunchy bass line and live drum kit. And the DJ sound effects, shouts and synth lead make the whole piece sound authentic so you can enrich your production with a real Voodoo People feel absolutely royalty free.

The structure of the composition is a classic media oriented one with short main theme intro, dinamically rising groovy verse with several pauses, bright epic chorus, a drop in the middle and a bright fading out culmination ending. So it will be an ideal solution for a chase scene in a modern movie, awesome extreme sport commercial, web promo, showreel, youtube video, GoPro active snowboard footage and much more.

There are 3 versions included in the package you purchase:

1. Short Dynamic / 1min – 1:17

2. Long / 2min – 2:05

3. Loop – 0:16

3. Prodigy

This is an energetic breakbeat rock piece in traditions of famous british The Prodigy punk band. It has a catchy drumstep / drum and bass electronic drums groove coming along with low tuned distorted guitars, deep and crunchy club bass sound, punchy live rock drum kit, DJ shout samples and a fuzzy synth lead catchy melody cutting throungh the mix.

The structure of the piece is made to fit modern stylish media productions. It is developing smoothly with several silent breaks, while the mix is building more and more from the light intro through the main verse to the chorus, followed by a drop and finally a bright culmination fading out to the ending. This royalty free music will be a great option for action sport videos, night club presentation, open air festival advertising, web or TV based commercial, nightlife event promo, graffiti and street art footage, snowboard or ski youtube video, trendy radio podcast background and much more.

If you need more versions, feel free to contact me via the form.