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Sport Power Pack

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Music collection of energetic, aggressive electronic breakbeat songs to add power and adrenaline into your project, especially with sport videos. A lot of editing points to work with.

Sounds like: fast breakbeat, heavy electronic music that can be heard and used in various type of fitness, workout and sports videos, corporate videos, presentations, slideshows, radio, film, advertising, viral marketing, web, games, applications, and almost any visuals. Sport Power Pack - 5

What is that track for? It’s perfect for creating an atmosphere of power, confidence movement, motivation and energy! Delivering inspirational and professional experience for your client or to make your own project really shine!

You know how people see you and remember you is vital to your success.

The pack consists of:

1. Sport (Mark 00:00) Duration – 2:49

2. Energy (Mark 2:48) Duration – 2:14

3. Drive (Mark 5:01) Duration – 2:13

Your video, advertisement or presentation is more than just images and video. It’s a feeling that incites action, its art, its a message.

And there is only one element that ties all the messaging and the content together and that is music. Without it, your story has no depth.

So – you can’t afford to not have this track! Get “Sport Power Pack” today and start using it and I guarantee your project will be catapulted to greatness!

Mood of the song: driving, electronic, hard, industrial, powerful, aggressive, straight forward.

Instruments used: dirty guitars, bass, drums, fx, hard synths and programming.

I know you deserve quality music content so take your project to another level with “Sport Power Pack”!

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