Sport Pack 1

Sport Pack 1

Energetic bright and dynamic action tracks, with punchy rhythm and powerful guitars. Will be perfect for game and movie trailers, sports trailers, openings, racing and any kind of stylish action scenes in your video production!

Save a buck buying a soundtrack pack! :-) Seriously, that’s much cheaper

There are 3 main tracks. Each track also includes all versions.

  1. Sport Car
    1. Sport Car – Main Track (2:06)
    2. Sport Car – Short version 1 (1:33)
    3. Sport Car – Short version 2 (0:59)
    4. Sport Car – Logo version 1 (0:27)
    5. Sport Car – Logo version 2 (0:17)
  2. This Rock
    1. This Rock – Main Track (2:53)
    2. This Rock – Short version 1 (1:50)
    3. This Rock – Short version 2 (0:56)
    4. This Rock – Logo version 1 (0:37)
    5. This Rock – Logo version 2 (0:24)
  3. Rock Star 2:14

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