Sport Big Beat Rock Trailer

Sport Big Beat Rock Trailer


Sport Big Beat Rock Trailer consists of 3 versions.
This is an extremly rocking stomp big beat track with breakbeat and dubstep elements.

Instruments used: electric guitar, staccato, piano, brass, stomps, claps, percussion, heavy bass
This is a powerful composition for strong scenes and car commercials!
Also this track fits great for:

  • Street sports
  • Festival and Club/Party video
  • Extreme sports highlights (bmx, cars, airsoft, football, baseball)
  • YouTube content, Blogs, Vlogs
  • GoPro videos
  • TV and Radio jingle
  • Intro
  • Fighting
  • Opener
  • Product Showcase
  • Presentations

    Three versions are included in both WAV and MP3:
    1. Full – (Length 2:47)
    2. Short – (Length 0:57)
    3. Trailer Intro – (Length 1:35)

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