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Nice one..!!! Due to so many files…some nice one’s like these are neglected..!!!

haha, I appreciate that :)

Vraiment une belle pièce! / Very great!

Very good choice of instruments. The stop glitches are subtle and very effective. Great track

I definitely pushed myself in certain areas to write this one.

Nice moody and with momentum that’s right for the piece… Sweet as you like bro… Thanks for creating it… :)

No problemo sir :)

Es un tema precioso. Gracias!

Beautiful work! Thank you!

Perfect piece for a promotional video I am doing for a non-profit SNCF for homeless youth in Southern Nevada. Thank you very much!!!

Glad it works :) Cool to be a part of that kind of project

I think the more free things you put out, the more likely you are to be noticed, so you can put a price tag on some better songs.

lol, no I happened to get the free file feature for February 2013. But that’s all a single artist can hope to do in terms of having any “free stuff” on envato

You should make your own website like Kevin Macleod, I could see you getting a famous as him.

I’d be down with that haha ;)

Hah..I’m watching Russian meteor videos while listening to this on replay =).

Very relaxing XD haha

Very beautiful and romantic track. Auditioned with pleasure. Thank you for the music. :)

I’m glad you enjoyed it…!

excellent and cool work, I hope there will be a lot of sales from this project !!