Soccer Football Sport Pack

Soccer Football Sport Pack


Soccer Football Sport Pack - 1 Soccer Football Sport Pack - 2

Soccer Football Sport Pack - 3

1. Sport Soccer Football Drums (3 versions)
  • Sport Soccer Football Drums Full version (duration – 2:23 ) – version with crowd noise, crowd singin and crowd shouts.
  • Sport Soccer Football Drums No Crowd version (duration – 2:23 ) – version without crowd noise, but the crowd singing and shouts are still present
  • Sport Soccer Football Drums Only Drums version (duration – 2:23 ) – version without any crowd noises, only sport drums
Sport Soccer Football Drums is a sport, energetic, dynamic background music track made with stomps, claps and big drums to recreate the sports atmosphere on the stadium during the match, atmosphere of the championship, suitable for soccer, football and other sport videos. Have fun and make cool video projects!
2. Soccer (5 versions)
  • Soccer Fullversion (duration – 2:19)
  • Soccer Mid version (duration – 1:26)
  • Soccer Mid 2 version (duration – 1:06)
  • Soccer Short version (duration – 0:59)
  • Soccer Logo version (duration – 0:21)
Soccer Drums is a rapid, fast percussion track performed with stomp, claps, snaps, toms and drums involving you in different impetuous tribal rhythms. The is sharp, rough, solid, energetic and powerful. Great for fast typography, action videos, dynamic videos, dance videos, media projects that energy and savage wild power. Have fun and make cool video projects!
3. Football Soccer Sport (2:33)
Football Soccer Sport is an energetic, cool, driving, fun, breakbeat music track specially written to give your videos a soccer action atmosphere! Have fun and make cool video projects!

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