Smooth Corporate Inspiration Pack

Smooth Corporate Inspiration Pack

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This pack contains not only nice, melodic background music, but the very flexible solution for your projects.

Why this corporate music pack is profitable for you?

Besides the main version, every track in the pack has:
  • 1 minute version;
  • 30 seconds version;
  • 2 loops of different parts of the track;
  • and all of this are available for you with 50% discount!
Sounds great in:
  • business presentations;
  • slideshows;
  • infographic videos;
  • commercials;
  • and any inspirational projects.
Original tracks:
  1. Inspire: 3:04 Inspiring, motivational background tune with catchy melody and uplifting arrangement. It will be great for business presentation, commercial, sport and other projects. Featured instruments: delayed guitars, bright guitar harmonics, deep bass, rhythmic drums, claps, bells, marimba
  2. Bright Inspiration: 2:40 Bright Inspiration is a smooth, melodic, gentle tune with inspiring, motivational, uplifting mood and catchy melody. Played with groovy drums, deep bass, beautiful atmospheric guitars and blur piano.
  3. Inspiring: 3:29 Nice melodic track with smooth rhythm that was designed for inspiration! It’s a calm background tune with light and bright mood. Your clients will enjoy it! Instrument featured: smooth palm muted guitars, bright guitar harmonics, gentle piano, rhythmic drums, claps, airy background strings.
  4. Corporate Inspiration: 3:20 Smooth background music with inspiring and motivating mood and catchy uplifting melody. Played with gentle mallets, rhythmic palm muted guitars, confident piano, deep bass and groovy drums.