Smile Day Kit

Smile Day Kit

Use this track for a variety of fun, light hearted and informative video clips, radio jingles and multimedia projects. Consisting of upbeat synth plucks, uplifting beat, deep and agile bass, this audio track is great for driving clips, video pre and post rolls, funny lifestyle clips and much more! A wonderful melodic backdrop for your important media project. Also a fantastic choice of background music for voiceover work and radio advertising.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used synth pads, synth plucks, leads, synth bass, electric guitar, drums and fx.

Included two versions.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro01 (0:07) Based on Verse01

02_Intro02 (0:07) Based on Verse02

03_Verse01 (0:07) Theme 01

04_Verse02 (0:07) Theme 02

05_Verse01_HiPluck (0:07) Theme 01, high pluck added

06_Verse02_HiPluck (0:07) Theme 02, high pluck added

07_Verse01_NoTheme (0:07) No theme

08_Verse02_NoTheme (0:07) No theme, different harmony

09_Verse03_NoKick (0:07) Theme 03, no kick

10_Verse04_NoKick (0:07) Theme 04, no kick

11_Verse03_HiPluck (0:07) Theme 03, high pluck added

12_Verse04_HiPluck (0:07) Theme 04, high pluck added

13_Verse03_Hats (0:07) Theme 03, high hats added, full arrangement

14_Verse04_Hats (0:07) Theme 04, high hats added, full arrangement

15_Verse01_Hats (0:07) Theme 01, high hats added, full arrangement

16_Verse02_Hats (0:07) Theme 02, high hats added, full arrangement

17_Outro01 (0:07) Based on Verse03

18_Outro02 (0:07) Based on Verse04

19_EndTone (0:03) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 2:23

Demo02_Short – 1:36

WAV and MP3 included.

Smile Day Kit - 1

Smile Day Kit - 2

Smile Day Kit - 3

Smile Day Kit - 4

Smile Day Kit - 5

Smile Day Kit - 6