Slow Motion Pack

Slow Motion Pack

This pack is full of slow motion corporate music with calm but powerful and night tension and mood.

Youtube users: All of our music is part of Audiam content ID program. If you’ve got a valid license and got a Claim from Audiam, please send us your youtube video link through our AJ email and we’ll make release it in less than 24 hours.

1) Slow Inspiration – 2m 10s / 1m 15s (0:00 – 3:25)

This beautiful inspirational track has a positive, motivational mood.

Beautiful flying synthesizer plays the main melody.
Bright slow drums, dreamy electric guitar, deep bass, synth arpeggios, different percussion add slow steady groove.
• The track is perfect for slow motion, sport videos, presentations, and any commercial video, where you have to emphasize the beauty of nature and a man.
2 Versions included!
Long (0:00 – 2:10) – 2m 10s
Short (2:10 – 3:25) – 1m 45s

2) Sexy Chill – 2m 40s / 1m 45s (3:25 – 7:50)

This track has a slow sexy mood, in the spirit of chill.

Electronic sounds, reversed piano sound, deep synth bass and drum. Muted electric guitar, Rhodes, groovy hat and shiny shaker.
• The track is ideal for slow motion, video presentations and commercial video, where you need to create an erotic mood. Unhurried mood, observational, full of pleasure. • 2 Versions included!
Long (3:25 – 6:05) – 2m 40s
Short (6:05 – 7:50) – 1m 45s

3) Night Ambient – 2m 30s / 1m 25s / 1m 15s / 45s / 35s (7:50 – 14:20)

This beautiful night ambient track is about calm and dreamy observation of the sky and the stars falling down.

• Its a bit astronomy background track have a calming commercial mood, cosmos and comets. Dreams and fantasies about flying in space, space travel, galaxies and stars. It is very meditative and mysterious. The core of the track is gentle dreamy and sensitive electric guitar. It tells a story about a mystery of the universe, night sky and peace.

• This track is ideal for any video where you want to emphasise mysterious feel, dreamy mood and calming observation of the night sky. • 5 Versions included!
Short 1 (7:50 – 9:15) – 1m 25s
Short 2 (9:15 – 10:30) – 1m 15s
Short 3 (10:30 – 11:15) – 45s
Short 4 (1:15 – 11:50) – 35s
Long (11:50 – 14:20) – 2m 30s

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