Slot Sound Effects Pack

Slot Sound Effects Pack

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18 sounds! Great, high quality Slot Sound effect Pack (buttons, actions, variation of win, positive and negative bonus, spin and other sound) for your game (mobile or web), cartoon, application or video project! Slot Sound effect Pack made in the same bright neutral style, therefore he appropriate for your slots. MP3 and WAV versions off all sounds are included!  

If you will use Slot Sound effect Pack in several project, please, see the multi-use license.

Win Coins (0:02)
Slot Spin (0:02) (looped)
Triple Win (0:01)
Slot Machine Lever Pull (0:01)
Small Win (0:01)
Slot Machine Spin Loop (0:02) (loop)
Select Button (0:01)
Slot Machine Reel Stop 1 (0:01)
Slot Machine Reel Stop 2 (0:01)
Slot Machine Reel Stop 3 (0:01)
Slot Machine Reel Stop 4 (0:01)
Slot Machine Reel Stop 5 (0:01)
Big Win (0:01)
Slot Machine Win Count (0:01)
Points Counting (0:01)
Bonus (0:01)
Slot Machine Spin (0:02)
Bonus Card Flip (0:01)