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“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” (Aldous Huxley) – Agreed! I actually have the very same quote on my business card!

“Sky” sounds great – Thank you for the listen! What synth did you use for the simple sine melody? The sound is so simple to program, but it’s actually pretty difficult finding the “sweet spot” of the sound. Good job! Hey, if you have some time left over, stop by my profile and have a listen – I’m new in the stock music community, so I’d love some feedback! Thanks!

Hope to hear more great music from you soon.


Hey Daniel,

thanks for your nice words. As far as I remember I used the Pro 53 for that sound, but I guess most of the synths feature a simple sine sound to play around with and find the sweet spot

As soon as I have a bit more time I will come back to check out your portfolio.

Thanks & Cheers,


Awesome tune!

Thank you!

Oh, what a great music! Brings my mind far away into the sky!

Thanks for your nice comment! :)

I love this song! Very relaxing!

Thanks a lot!

Very nice and calming tune. I love it! :)

Nice song – Are the chords Dmaj/Fmaj/Cmaj/Gmaj? Was wondering where you got the harmony from. Thanks!

It´s more like min/maj/maj/maj! Was wondering myself where I got that from. Guess it´s called intuition. Thanks for listening.

Oh OK I thought it might be Dmaj but Dmin would make more sense because it would be D Dorian mode.

This track has a great vibe. Refreshing and different. Well done!

Congratulations AudioQuattro!!! Your track has been added to “The Most Erotic Music” collection. Please rate and share it for more views. Thank you so much!!! :grin: