Short Opener Logo Comedy Pack

Short Opener Logo Comedy Pack

Kids Fun, Happy Music, Animation Pack, Comical Scene

This pack includes FOUR positive cartoon logo with comedy music funny kids mood featuring orchestral instruments: bright xylophone, marimba and glockenspiel, soft basso, energetic strings ensemble. Perfectly suitable for kids game, funny cartoon intro, outro, ending of comical scene, cartoons shapes logo, children’s happy opener video and advertising, comical vlogs, cartoons and animation opening logo, cookery scenes, player win of games MP3 and WAV versions included for your convenience.


1. Kids Cartoon Opening Logo – 0:12

2. Cartoon Joke Kids Logo:

  • Original – 0:11
  • Version 2 – 0:11

3. Comedy Kids Logo:

  • Original – 0:20
  • Version 2 – 0:12
  • Version 3 – 0:12

4. Kids Cartoon Child Logo:

  • Original – 0:10
  • Version 2 – 0:09

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