Short And Funky Pack

Short And Funky Pack

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In this little pack you will find three funk tracks / jingles. They each come in a 60-second version and a 30-second version for all your advertising needs. The first Funk Groove Ad also contains a loop so you can extend it into eternity.

1. Funk Groove Ad (3 versions)
Duration: 1:00/0:30 (0:00-1:00 in preview)

2. Funk Groove Ad 2 (2 versions)
Duration: 0:57/0:29 (1:00-1:57 in preview)

3. Funk Groove Ad 3 (2 versions)
Duration: 0:57/0:29 (1:57-2:54 in preview)

For all the variations of each track, please see each original track page and preview.

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Thanks for listening! / The Grooving Gecko

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