Shake Your Banjo

Shake Your Banjo

“Shake Your Banjo” is an upbeat, energetic, and positive sounding pop/folk/rock track which combines the wonderful sounds of 5 string banjo, acoustic guitar, piano, upright bass, pedal steel guitar, and drums.

The track is influenced by the popular style of the English folk rock band: Mumford & Sons.

The has been specifically designed to work well with advertising and trailers, and really contains two distinct moods within the music. The introduction is slow and calm, and peaceful, this section would be ideal for a voiceover.

This section then seamlessly blends into a double speed section which serves to suddenly shift the gear up a few notches, and the mood suddenly becomes very exciting, upbeat, and exhilarating. This is where your exciting new product would be revealed. It feels lighthearted and celebratory at this point. Somewhat like a scene in a comedy movie trailer, where your preconceptions are suddenly challenged as an off-the-wall character is introduced.

This is followed by a slightly calmer and stripped back variation of this section, a voiceover could continue here.

This is followed by a final energetic section, and ending on a held chord.

You can of course arrange the track however you like. This is made easier because I’ve included seamless loops of the intro, the first and second “verses” and also included the final verse/ending. This means you can just set your DAW or editing software’s bpm to 130 and make yourself a custom edit by playing the intro and verses for as long as you need, before adding the ending part.

If you need any further edits, I’ll be pleased to give you a quote.

The zip contains (in both wav and mp3 formats):

Shake Your Banjo- Full track: 1:58 (0:28-2:26 on preview)
Intro (seamless loop): 0:33 (2:27-3:00 on preview)
Verse 1 (seamless loop): 0:25 (0:00-0:25 on the preview)
Verse 2 (seamless loop): 0:25 (1:27-1:52 on preview)
Verse 3/ending: 0:33 (1:53-2:26 on preview)

Please note:The “Verse 1” loop, and the “Intro” loop are variations of the sections they relate to from the full track (the drums and banjo notes in the last measure of both are altered slightly to make a seamless loop). Because of this, they are additionally played in full on the preview so that you can hear the endings. “Verse 2”, “Verse 3/ending” ending are not played separately on the preview because can be heard within the full track on the preview.

Preview play order: Verse 1 Loop – Shake Your Banjo (Full Track) – Intro Loop

Buyers: Please take the time to rate this track, this will help me greatly! If you would be willing to let me know how you have used the track, I’m always interested, just use the contact form to let me know!


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