Sentimental Nature Folk Pack

Sentimental Nature Folk Pack

This is a pack of 5 songs that have a similar folksy, sentimental feel. These songs evoke images of nostalgia and tenderness, and also have a feeling of being out in nature or sitting around a campfire. Perfect for background music that needs a mellow, down to earth, and positive feel.

Safe And Warm

  • SafeAndWarm_98_Loop_JHungerX.wav (1:08)
  • SafeAndWarm_98_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:14)


Longing_Ending_106_JHungerX.WAV (1:41)

A Bright New Dawn

  • ABrightNewDawn_116_Ending_JHungerX.wav (2:00)
  • ABrightNewDawn_116_Loop_JHungerX.wav (1:55)

Serene River

  • SereneRiver_82_Ending_JHungerX.wav (2:02)
  • SereneRiver_82_Loop_JHungerX.wav (1:57)

Morning Mountain Hike

  • MorningMountainHike_109_Loop_JHungerX.wav (1:28)
  • MorningMountainHike_109_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:34)

Safe And Warm:

This mellow and comforting tune features a pair of finger picked acoustic guitars playing soft and pleasant simple chords. Relaxing and sentimental, this song evokes images of love and care, and warmth and security on a cold blustery night.


This pretty tune, driven by acoustic guitar and strummed ukulele, is at once loving and caring, but also a little melancholy, as if remembering sunny days with a loved one while alone inside on a rainy day. Light, nostalgic, and tender, this song evokes images of love and sadness.

A Bright New Dawn:

A sweet and inspirational, and slightly romantic, song driven by a pair of acoustic guitars lightly finger picked, and accompanied by a simple piano melody. Evokes images of waking up in the morning to love and light, with the world ahead of you.

Serene River:

This sleepy, dreamy song is mainly driven by two lightly picked acoustic guitars backed by strings, electric piano, piano, and bass. Tranquil and mellow, this positive loving tune is sentimental and romantic.

Morning Mountain Hike:

Driven by two picked acoustic guitars and an ambient pad, this song is joined halfway through by a simple piano melody. Evokes images of hiking through the woods on a misty morning while hills and mountains emerge above the fog. Woodsy and nature themed, this song is optimistic and relaxing.