Royalty Free music - Sensitive

Royalty Free music – Sensitive

Sensitive is beautiful, uplifting and emotional Hollywood cinematic tune with inspiring, majestic, beautiful sound in spirit of Hans Zimmer, Jeremy Soule’s work on Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion and Steve Jablonsky and his works on Transformers soundtrack. Massive drums, epic strings, percussions and horns create full stack. Excellent choice for video games, fantasy films, soundtrack use in general, documentaries or even corporate reels, sports shows or television.

Contains two versions, full length and short version

Inspiring 02:15

Inspiring short 01:11 (starts at 02:15 in preview)

If you are looking for epic, pompous, majestic and triumphant modern soundtrack music in spirit of Hollywood blockbusters and trailers like Transformers, Dark Knight series and X-Men, you better not miss this tune! Do you want to create an intense and powerful mood to your product video, advertising, show reel or startup promotional material and raise your customers with a soaring, massive and classical modern and hybrid background music? This is just the right tune for you! ‘Epic’ is a excellent trailer, film and cinematic track, that will perfectly fit any fantasy, adventure or action film production purposes – bring some Epic and your success will be sure!

‘Epic’ is simple yet memorable, powerful, pompous and energetic tune with catchy melodies and beautiful harmonies! It is meant to enhance any purpose by not taking too much attention but creating space and room for your message to punch through! Audience and customers will become awed, inspired and resonate with what your video project is about. They will most surely become motivated, excited, uplifted, optimistic and feeling good and trusted!

You’ll find the best use for it with epic, intense and dramatic projects – fantasy video games, films, movies, trailers and promotional teasers that require this sort of massive hybrid soundtrack sound in spirit of such composers as Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, John Williams, Harry Gregson Williams and Alan Silvestri.

Mood of the song: powerful, epic, tension, battle, inspiring, dramatic, adventure, action

Instruments used: symphonic orchestra, electronic pads and effects

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I specialize in producing ethereal ambient soundscapes, motivational corporate music with inspiring and uplifting feeling, but also epic soundtrack trailer music in spirit of Two Steps From Hell and Hans Zimmer. My portfolio consists of wide range of genres and styles, from celtic instrumental medieval music to electronic chill out and lounge, instrumental jazz piano loops to heavy metal. I’m sure you will find something of value in the vast library, no matter what your video production needs are!